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You have a problem?          We solve it !

May be a challenge that needs to be resolved and we give the right answers and provide the solutions. Solving a problem starts with communication and a lot of knowledge and experience. That is what we do and what we have. Communication with you to really understand the need and work towards the most economical solution that will satisfy you or your customer.

The driven force behind RTC Group is Henk Uphoff. Since the 1980’s engaged in solving problems with equipment. First as a service engineer and troubleshooter on complicated compressed air installations. Later as leader of a spare parts department. Identifying the right parts and getting them on the right place at the right time. Since then always involved and dedicated to find the right solution to the customer’s needs.

Experience in both industrial air compressor applications and diesel driven portable air compressors for the construction and drilling industry.

Renting and selling equipment like

* Industrial rotary screw compressors (from 55 kW and up)
* Industrial oil-free centrifugal air compressors electric driven (from 70 m³/min and up)
* Diesel driven oil-free rotary screw compressors (40, 80 120 and 160 m³/min)

* Diesel driven portable air compressors (large, from 20 m³/min and up)
* Diesel driven high pressure portable air compressors (from 15 to 35 Bar)


As we serve a multibranded product range, we search for just the equipment you like. Our large network enables us to find the right equipment for you, at the right time for the right amount. And of course we can arrange transport for you.

We can proudly say: “We provide worry-free solutions…….”

Welcome to our website and enjoy it.