Extra pair of hands with knowledge

Our Solution

Hire an expert from RTC Group, flexible, knowledgable and never pay more than you need, that is what we offer.

project management

We are your extra hands and brains during projects. Technical experience, stakeholder management, budget and planning monitoring.

Our experience is your peace of mind

With our expertise we help you with various sorts of projects. Leaving things up to experienced people gets the job done !

Technical quotations

Do you have an offer from your suuplier but not quite sure if it is the best commercial offer ? We will review the technical and commercial proposal and give you our feedback as a second opinion.

valuation of capital intensive assets

With our experience in international used equipment purchase and sales, we use this knowledge to value your or others assets. We use our residual value expertise for banks, lease firms and investment companies as a part of due diligence. Are you an equipment owner or rental company that needs the fleet of equipment valuated ? Contact us.

extra manpower

We don’t just supply equipment for your project. We can also provide the technical experts to complete your project within schedule and budget.

One call and it gets done ...

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