Daily Machine Inspections Can reduce downtime

Performing daily machine walk-arounds often fall somewhere between wearing your seat belt and getting the oil changed in your car. You know you should – you know you need to – but somehow it doesn’t always happen. However, daily machine walk-around inspections are vital to the overall condition of your equipment fleet and can prevent costly downtime by catching minor problems before they become serious issues.

Some equipment, such as motor graders,
excavators, loader and other earth moving equipment simply require you to check the oil in the engine crankcase, empty the air cleaner pre-cleaner when full, and check the coolant level in the radiator on a daily basis, with more extensive inspections once a week. Other machines, like a mini excavator, require lubrication, testing, draining, and visual inspections in a wide variety of areas. Air compressors need to be checked daily on coolant level, engine oil level and compressor oil levels.

If you have a fleet of machines, how are you supposed to remember all of this ?
Yes, you should suppose to remember , you will save money in the long run.