Due diligence and equipment risk

You are considering to buy a company with a fleet of equipment ?

Is this fleet a considerable part of the assets of this company ?

You should perform a due diligence investigation. Part of this investigation are equipment inspections.
These inspections are most important to know the actual condition , position and value of the assets as a part of the due diligence. Book value of assets is in most cases an unreliable method of determining the value of your assets, after all it is value on paper or in a system. In most cases depreciated over time or in function of yearly results.
In practice, many parties have a stake in this process and these results. This gives a blurred image of the financial situation of the company.

This could cost you a fortune.

Do not take such a risk and rely on independent equipment inspection. Combined with decades of residual value expertise, RTC Group is the right party to do both. Both equipment inspections and residual value expertise.

Equipment categories:
*Construction equipment
*Mining equipment
*Earth moving equipment
*Road machinery equipment
*Drilling equipment
*Material handling equipment
*Industrial equipment

Regions: Anywhere in the world

We offer you:

 detailed inspection report with hundreds of items checked
 condition notes supported with pictures
 residual value report based on actual market conditions
 concise executive summery to have a categorised overview in case of large fleet
 transparent communication
 conclusions and recommendations

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